5 Best Hollywood Movies of Year 2016 That You Don’t Dare To Miss

Just before the end of the old year, we want to renew our tradition and introduce you to the top 5 films of the editorial team. Who knows, maybe there is even one or the other film tip for you with it.

Mia (Emma Stone) und Sebastian (Ryan Gosling)
Mia (Emma Stone) und Sebastian (Ryan Gosling)

The 2016 cinema year has gained the reputation of having been more successful. This is mainly because many supposed blockbuster, which have proved to be a non-starter, as Alice Through the Looking Glass , The Brothers Grimsby , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows , Resurgence: Independence Day , Star Trek Beyond , Allegiant or Zoolander 2 , to name just a few. Especially Sequels were particularly boasted this year by the Kinopublikum.

But there was also, the really good films and surprises, the 2016 bottom line but still a good movie year have made. And to prove this to you, our editorial team has put up again and you have the highlights highlighted. Fortunately, the four Top 5 lists differ from each other. This increases the chance that you are discovering something you have not yet seen.

Of course, you do not agree with every choice and that is also good. Everyone places different demands on films and has different preferences in terms of tonality, actors and genre. Therefore, you should also get a voice and choose your own top films. We have you again set up a voting , which runs until the beginning of January 2017 in which you your favorite movies can push 2016th.

1. Doctor Strange
Jeannette: A fabulous comic masterpiece with incredible visuals and great soundtrack

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find
Jeannette: A wonderful return to the magical world of magicians, witches and fantastic beings, full of tension, heart and humor.

3. Arrival
Jeannette: An intriguing Sci-Fi work, which, on closer examination, turns out to be extremely human, intimate and very philosophical.

4. The Jungle Book
Jeannette: Exciting and realistic realization of the classic, which makes you fascinated and always amazed.

5. Vaiana (Moana)
Jeannette: A beautifully animated, exciting film with a strong heroine, lots of heart and courage.

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