Check Out Some Of The Best Movies With Bizarre Backstage Stories

Like everything in life, the backstage of a movie always hide some bizarre stories, so the team at Cinema Two decided to list some of these stories. Check below:

‘The Last House on the Left’

During the most violent footage of the horror film, actress Sara Paxton revealed that she had been through many terrible moments of truth, and that the rape sequence took 17 hours to be filmed, all because the director and actors David Hess was not Very professional, and threatened to rape the real actress for better performance.


Percy Crosby’s comic-based comedy had an event that negatively affected the life of actor Jackie Cooper , who was only 8 years old during the filming of the feature. In order for Cooper’s emotions and tears to be real, director Norman Taurag asked a team member to pick up the actor’s pet dog and take him back from the studio where they pretended to kill the animal. Jackie Cooper was traumatized by what happened and in his autobiography, entitled ” Please do not shoot my dog! “.

‘Field 731: Bacteria – Human Evil’

Listed in part 3 of the list of disturbing movies you should watch , the Chinese feature abused realism as the Chinese government ceded real human corpses to dead scenes, including the corpse of a child, which is used in the long film over An autopsy table. In addition several atrocities against animals were filmed with real animals, as in a scene where rats are cremated.

‘Go and See’

Already quoted in the list of incredible thriller movies you may not have seen , the Soviet war drama may be a little too realistic, as filmmaker Elem Klimov used real bullets in various shooting scenes. Actor Aleksey Kravchenko revealed that one of the bullets came within a few inches of his head during one of the recordings, and that his fear in all scenes was fully real.

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