Meet The Top 10 Best Netflix Horror Movies

Ready for a night of terror with your family, friends or partner? Well I have the pleasure, or at least I thought until I saw the trailers, to share with you 10 of the most watched and commented horror movies of Netflix . They are really horrible, unpleasant, disturbing, creepy, cruel , and so I could go on describing them for a long time.

10. Torment

Cory Morgan, his wife and 7-year-old son Liam decide to spend a quiet family vacation in a country house. But when Sarah begins to see strange things around the house, they will realize that they have unwanted guests.

9. Exeter

A group of teenagers accidentally releases a spirit that begins to possess them one by one.

8. Babadook

Amelia has a six-year-old son named Samuel, who lives terrified by a monster that appears to him in dreams and threatens to kill them. When a disturbing story book called “The Babadook” appears in his house, Samuel comes to the conviction that Babadook is the creature he has been dreaming about. Then his hallucinations become uncontrollable and his behavior unpredictable and violent. Amelia, increasingly frightened, is forced to medicate him. But suddenly, she begins to feel around her a sinister presence that leads her to think that her son’s fears might be real.

7. Trolljegeren

False Norwegian documentary that tells the story of a group of students trying to uncover a government conspiracy involving giant Trolls living in Norway.

6. Wyrmwood: The Road of the Dead

Barry’s life takes a radical turn when his sister is kidnapped by a mad scientist , just as a Zombie Apocalypse is unleashed .

5. Stake Land

In a post-apocalyptic America in which a mysterious plague turns people into vampires, an orphaned boy and a veteran vampire hunter, they will embark on a dramatic route northward in Canada in search of land alien to disease and madness.

4. Rites of Spring

After kidnapping a nine-year-old girl from rich parents, and hiding her in an abandoned old school; The kidnappers fall prey to a terror that occurs periodically in the sinister place: a thirst for blood that wakes the first day of each spring

3. I found the devil

Kyung-chul is a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure and who has committed several murders with devilish methods difficult to imagine. Its victims are young girls. The police has been trying to capture him for some time. One day, the daughter of a retired police chief appears murdered. The girl’s boyfriend, a secret agent, vows revenge.

2. Bloody Prophecy

Deborah Logan, an elderly woman diagnosed with Alhzeimer , and her daughter Sarah, agree to open the doors of their home to a television crew to make a documentary about the development of this disease , but soon they will begin to raise doubts about what it really is. Is happening to Mrs. Logan.

1. Abducted

Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isa just moved to a high class neighborhood. As they prepare to celebrate the first night in their new home, three hooded men burst into the house with the aim of stealing and no matter how much horror they sow.

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